The Baby In Yellow Game Horror

The Baby In Yellow Game Horror

The Baby in Yellow is an exciting horror about the average nanny and one of his weeks. And while you are thinking that the baby-sitting process is simple and nothing bad can happen, the product continues to gain a fanbase and get the tops in this genre.

The huge role in gaining popularity for this horror played video makers and popular streamers. So you probably saw the walkthrough of this thrilling game many times. And it’s finally time to play it yourself and experience all these frightening atmospheres.

Nothing suspicious

The game starts when you arrive at the house where you are going to work as a nanny for the next couple days. This child’s parents are very busy working and going on important business trips, so they definitely need your help as a real professional.

At this moment you meet the kid. As you can see, he has the average clothes and looks like the other clients you had before. Despite something being wrong with his eyes, you don’t think it’s weird and begin your job routine. And that’s where in this game everything becomes strange.

The game process

You are here to work, so let’s get closer to your responsibilities. You have a task board in the corner of your screen that contains small missions that you need to complete before the next day comes. During the game you will feed him, change his diapers, entertain him and put him to bed. For this purpose the owners of the house left many rooms open, where you are able to find the food, diapers and bedroom.

And of course, to rest after a long day of hard work, you can complete such tasks as watching TV, sitting on the sofa or looking at books and family photos. Developers of the game tried very hard, so the interior of the house looks realistic, and you are able to look closer to the special books and photos and explore other rooms of this two-storey building. But the first night passes, and you start to notice weird things.

The Baby in Yellow and his terrifying secrets

Things get worse. He teleports to the different places in the building, shows you scary faces and acts weird. His creepy smile and angry face chase you during the whole game, and you start to wait for the unexpected screamer. This is where the atmosphere becomes horrifying and strange.

The next day is even weirder. The rooms in the house start to change their shape, you find yourself in the locked fridge and the fearsome black roots flooded the building. And that’s not the whole list of scary things that will happen to you in this exciting game. Stay till the end and find all secrets that this spooky creature is hiding. Or maybe, the main villains are the parents who left this monster with the average person like you?

According to your behavior and actions, there will be a unique ending. You even have the opportunity to get the good end, whatever that means in this frightening situation. And the variety of bad endings is big too, of course. So go and try your luck on this site!