The Baby In Yellow Game Horror

The Baby in Yellow 2 On Android


The Baby in Yellow 2 On Android

About Game

Wanted to try this new update for the popular horror game that developers added recently? On this site you receive this cool opportunity to immerse yourself again to the thrilling atmosphere of the frightening house with the devil child with creepy eyes. The Baby in Yellow 2 welcomes the real horror fans on this site, so try it now!

The game process

You begin your first week as an average babysitter. The parents of this child went on a long business trip and you need to take care of their small boy. The boy is strange, but that is not a huge problem for you, right? You just need to take care of him and entertain him till his parents return. Start from feeding this boy. Go to the kitchen and find a bottle of milk in the fridge.

The next step is to take a bath – the child needs new diapers and fresh water. Entertain the kid during this process to make him smile and laugh. After a long day he is probably tired, so put him in bed on the second floor. And be gentle, don’t drop him and always smile. Don’t make him cry and spend the day peacefully.

In the end you deserve some relaxation too. Sit on the comfortable sofa and watch TV. Before this, you can explore the huge house, find various cool photos and books that are standing on shelves and other interesting stuff. And start the next day, that will be weirder than this.

All actions begin

Remember the genre of this game? Now you will discover why this horror is so terrifying. After night passes the kid begins acting weird. You go to the kitchen together, but he disappears from your hands and you find him in the hall. You notice that he always watches you with his creepy devil’s eyes.

After you complete all tasks, rest and start a new day. But prepare for the more strange events. The big black roots are all over the house, the kid is flying and making scary noises, and the rooms change shapes. And you are in the center of this chaos. Avoid meeting this boy and try to run away from him.

Remember that the house isn’t the same because all halls and rooms became different. Also, the kid unexpectedly jumps on you to scare you. Reach to the final scene and get your ending. The game has various endings, and you are able to receive any according to many things, like your attitude during the process. Get different endings and unlock them all to understand the plot better.

Start your first day at work now and don’t go crazy because of this horrifying child. Try to complete all your tasks despite the scary things that are happening around you and don’t look back, because these spooky eyes are watching you!