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The Baby in Yellow 2


The Baby in Yellow 2

About Game

Imagine the situation where you come to your work to babysit the cute child and end up in the fight with the literal demon? This is the situation the main hero of this game finds himself in. What happened to this poor child, why his strange parents decided to leave him with a babysitter, did they know about his true face, what are the next steps? Find the answers to these questions and escape this devil’s house. But, first things first.

The average day at work

In The Baby in Yellow 2 you have a list of tasks that you need to complete to move by the plot. You are a babysitter – you need to do your work and take care of this boy. His parents went to work and left him with you. If the child needs to eat, go to the kitchen, find a bottle of hot milk and feed him. He became dirty and smells awful? Go to the bathroom and bath him. And remember to change the diapers.

Watch his condition and put him in the bed, when he is tired. And be always gentle and entertain him, because children are tender and touchy. After a long day full of various responsibilities you need a rest. Sit on the huge sofa and watch TV to complete the list of tasks in the corner of your screens. During the game you can also walk in the house, watch their cute family photos and interesting books and investigate various open rooms. But on the second day the kid becomes really strange and weird.

The real horror game starts

When you are relaxed and don’t expect tricks and weirdness, this boy starts acting oddly. He disappears the minute you turn around, you find him in other rooms, and his face becomes creepier because of his huge red eyes. The next day things get worse. All rooms change their shapes, you can walk to the fridge and discover a huge dark tunnel, and the big black roots appear in the house.

The kid starts flying and is now very angry, so avoid him to not get caught. And the game doesn’t end here. You understand that you can’t escape because this frightening kid controls everything. But you need to get to the ending. Speaking of which, The Baby in Yellow 2 has various endings that you are able open in the process.

The final you receive depends on your behavior, attitude to the kid and other important factors that you will discover during your walkthrough. You even have the opportunity to get a good ending! We don’t promise that it is good for you.

This thrilling horror has improved graphics and a more thrilling atmosphere because of cool sound effects. The bugs from previous parts were fixed, so you can fully enjoy the process. Start now and test your nerves on this site.